Emboss Gels-5ml



Self-leveling  art gel with no sticky layer. Top gel is not required. Suitable for full nail coverage.

Emboss Gels

Emboss 01-Black, Emboss 02-White, Emboss 03-True Blue, Emboss 04-True Red, Emboss 05-Yellow, Emboss 06-Emerald, Emboss 07-Purple, Emboss 08-Lavender, Emboss 09-Orange, Emboss 10-Brown, Emboss 11-Barbie Pink, Emboss 12-Baby Blue, Emboss 13-Baby Pink, Emboss 14-Neon Green, Emboss 15-Neon Yellow, Emboss 16-Neon Pink, Emboss 17-Grey, Emboss 18-Peach, Emboss 19-Mint, Emboss 20-Tuqouise, Emboss 21-Bronze, Emboss 22-Navy Blue, Emboss 23-Wilted Rose, Emboss 24-Pearl, Emboss 25-Glitter Gold, Emboss 27-Silver 2D, Emboss 28-Silver 3D, Emboss 29-Gold 3D, Emboss 30-Tourmaline, Emboss 31-Silver


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