TABLE LAMP, fully adjustable

Relief strain off your eyes! Modern, sleek design, flexible art, remote control, touch panel.
5 adjustable colour settings and 5 adjustable brightness settings.



This lamp has long enough flexible arm, which you can position right on top of the nails, to avoid any shadows. It comes with a very strong clamp. And that tops up with sleek, modern look.
The lamp has a touch panel on the arm self and a remote control, from either of which you can change the settings.
Features: the lamp has 5 COLOUR OPTIONS: cool light, mixed white light, neutral white, yellowish white and warm light. Each of these colours has 5 LEVELS OF INTENSITY, from bright to soft. What these amazing features mean: you set the lamp on the warm or white colour of any comfortable for you intensity, when you are doing the nails and art, to lessen the strain on the eyes, as such light is the most flattering during your work. Great thing, again, is that you can reduce the intensity if you feel the light is too bright for your eyes. And then when you need to take photos of the ready set, you change it to cool light, or white mix, depending on which one looks better on the photos in your room illumination.
Further more, the light has a night mode, where it dims, with only a little diffused light showing, but that feature is great if you want to purchase this lamp for you school kids. It is the absolute best light for them, too.
And the last, the lamp has a memory mode, to remember the last setting you used.

Lamps are available in Black or White colour. Warranty 12months.

Table Lamp

Table Lamp White, Table Lamp Black


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