Our COMBO GEL SCULPTURE COURSE is an advanced 1-day course for already qualified nail technicians. (If you are not qualified yet, pls let us know and we will send you the info for our Basic Gel Polish and Gel Reinforcement Course). 


Our COMBO GEL COURSE is a full Sculpture course, covering all possible knowledge about the proper European Sculpture, positioning the forms, cutouts, shaping etc. 

European Sculpting is the only way that works on all nail biters, regardless to how short or bad their nails are. Our COMBO GEL allows to restore damaged hand and toe nails.


We work with COMBO Gel instead of acrylic, for Combo Gel has replaced acrylic.

And so, of course, we teach about the properties of COMBO Gel, all advantages, how and when to use it etc.

We also demonstrate the Dual Forms (Pop tips) and give opinion on those, si students can judge for themselves.

Cost R2000 currently, a non-refundable deposit of R500 is payable to book your seat.

You will need to bring a model for the course, who will need to be here at 1:00pm.

Models should have normal natural nails (not nail biters), should be available to sit for you for about 3,5 hours and not need to rush to anywhere, as this creates pressure for students, which we do not accept.

Please bring your E-file machine & bits if you are already using it.

Please note that should the models be Nail Technicians or Beauty Specialists, a fee of R500 is payable per the model.


Should you be coming from far and not be able to arrange models, please inform us timously and we will try to assist with our regular models.

Combo Gel Course Kit Contents:  

  • COMBO Gel
  • COMBO brush with spatula
  • COMBO liquid
  • Sculpture forms
  • Nail file
  • Pinching Clips